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DRB2070 Watershed Identity and Scenario Development Workshops

The Delaware River Basin (DRB) provides ecosystem services that support a wide array of commercial, recreational, and residential uses for more than 15 million people. Our goal is to identify a guiding vision to promote regional planning in the watershed, so that our civic and business leaders can make decisions which produce lasting benefits for the regional economy and quality of life. The information gathered at our DRB2070 workshops will help us understand the regional vision and values for the DRB. We will use this information to create land use scenarios that explore the range of possible futures for the Delaware River Basin in 2070.

What are Land Use Scenarios?

Land use scenarios are stories about how a region may change over time. They begin by describing what and where the region is today and they continue by recognizing the range of plausible choices that communities and stakeholders might make about how land, water, and other resources will be used. Because different stakeholder interests can be competing interests, there is great value in exploring multiple land use scenarios to visualize the range of possible futures and evaluate tradeoffs among them.

2015-2016 Workshop Schedule

We need to hear from you!

Generating land use scenarios for the entire DRB will require input from many stakeholders so that the storylines can reflect a shared vision and not just one opinion. If you have expertise or an interest in the DRB (e.g., commerce, housing, conservation, water, etc.), then please contact us. Your input can be in the form of workshop attendance, survey participation, or sharing data which represent current conditions or future projections. If you have data (population or economic forecasts; spatial buildings, parcels, or planning zones), then please share them with us.

Let us know how you intend to use our DRB2070 mapping and modeling products. Your input will help inform future work and identify stakeholder needs. You can also receive updates through our project newsletters, or contact us with any questions. Thank you!