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Curious how forest ecosystems and hydrologic processes in the DRB will be affected by climate change and land cover change? Learn about our progress in coupling four models to explore how multiple stressors may impact the basin in 2100.

High-Resolution Land Cover Now Available

For all 43 counties intersecting the DRB!

DRB2070 Version 2

Baseline & Alternative Land Cover Scenarios

Welcome to the Delaware River Basin Project!

About Us

A watershed of over 13,000 square miles, the Delaware River Basin (DRB) provides water resources for roughly 5% of the US population. With support from the William Penn Foundation and the Delaware Watershed Research Fund, we aim to develop a land cover mapping, modeling, and monitoring system for the Delaware River Basin in support of maintaining and restoring water resources, and to address the impact of future development and environmental change in the DRB.


High-resolution LiDAR-based land cover data for all 43 counties in the watershed


Connecting models of land cover change, climate change, hydrology, and tree species to explore development and environmental impacts


Feasibility Analysis: establishing a long-term land cover monitoring program

Our Goal

Maintaining and restoring water quality requires the balancing of stakeholder interests and considering alternate futures. Through our mapping, modeling, and monitoring efforts, we strive to promote regional planning in the watershed and to provide useful tools to decision makers across the 43 counties that intersect the DRB in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. 

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