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Future Land Cover Scenarios

DRB2100 Version 3.1 builds on DRB2070 Version 2, representing revised alternative forecasts of urban land cover in the Delaware River Basin (DRB) out to 2100. Version 3.1 includes the “Corridors” and “Centers” scenarios and also adds another two scenarios, considering “Non-Protection” scenarios for both urban growth scenarios. These “Non-Protection” scenarios consider the “what if” scenario: “what if land protections were to be entirely removed?” These scenarios allow us to envision what the future landscape would look like without protected areas, highlighting the potential value of our existing protected lands network.

DRB2100 Version 3.1 Product Documentation (PDF)

ArcGIS OnLine (Interactive Web Maps)

Access Databases for NHD Catchments and HUC12 Watersheds (Zip Files)

Summaries for NHD Catchments and HUC12 Watersheds (Zip Files)

Raster Data (Zip Files)

Model My Watershed Integration (Application for Visualization and Analysis)

Archived DRB2100 Version 2.0- Baseline Scenario

Our collaborators at the USGS modeled land cover to 2070 using the Chesapeake Bay Land Change Model. A comparison of these two products will soon be available to review. In the long term, we hope that our data can be integrated into the Stream Reach Assessment Tool.

Let us know how you anticipate using our mapping and modeling tools!

High-Resolution Land Cover Data

The University of Vermont Spatial Analysis Lab produced high-resolution (1m x 1m) LiDAR-based land cover dataset for all 43 counties that intersect the Delaware River Basin. The basin-wide data is available in various formats on PASDA, the Pennsylvania Geospatial Data Clearinghouse:

Data is also available for the Delmarva peninsula through the Chesapeake Conservancy.

Use our interactive map to download the data for your county!

Delaware River Basin Maps

Our research analyst has created fantastic maps of our 43 county study area to guide DRB2070 workshop discussions. A large format (30″x57″), highly detailed map (scale 1:350,000) of our study area is available for $40. See the example below and contact us for more information!
DRB Study Area
Contact us to order this map!
DRB Urbanization
PKC Cluster Map

Project Factsheets

We are a small and dedicated group of scientists that is concerned about water and land use dynamics. Together, we have more than 50 years of experience mapping, modeling, and monitoring land use and land cover change in the United States, Europe, and South America.
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