We are reaching out to the 43 counties in the DRB to gather relevant datasets for the first two components of our project. Contact us for more information.

High resolution land use/land cover mapping
Land cover will be derived primarily from a combination of high-resolution imagery and LiDAR data. We are reaching out to communities who may be interested in providing supplemental GIS datasets that could improve the accuracy and consistency of the final land cover product. Examples include address points, building polygons, curb edges, and parcel land use. Even datasets that are incomplete or contain inaccuracies may be of use. If you are willing to share your data, please contact our partners at the University of Vermont.

Forecast modeling land use/land cover change
Generating land use scenarios for the entire DRB will require input from many stakeholders so that the storylines can reflect a shared vision. If you have expertise or an interest in the DRB (e.g., commerce, housing, conservation, water, etc.), please contact us. Your input can also be in the form of data, which represent current conditions or future projections. If you have data (population or economic forecasts; spatial buildings, parcels, or planning zones), then please contact us. We want you to participate in scenario development and are planning workshops, webinars and a newsletter to help you stay informed.

Long-term land use/land cover monitoring
The data gathered for the first two components of this project will influence the long-term monitoring plan of the DRB.